Role: Designer

This was one of the design projects I took on during my time in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at University of Waterloo. I was prompted to design a Project Builder – an interface for researchers and scientists to manage their research projects on the CrowdCurio platform.

Each research project is divided into three sections: Project Details (general information about the project), Curios (these are research questions and curiosity-driven prompts), and Datasets. I was given a text file with the required fields and had full freedom in the visual design and style.

Here are the resulting mockups after a few iterations of working back and forth with the team.

People I worked with: Alex Williams, Dr. Edith Law.

Colour palette and typefaces.

Projects overview page with options to edit existing projects and add a new one.

First page in setting up a new project.

Add Curios. These are research questions designed to get the crowd-worker thinking about what they're helping out with.

Example Curio after saving. Includes an option to edit.